Decorate Your Office With Items From the Jonathan Adler Sample Sale

This just arrived in my inbox (fitting, since I just wrote about some Jonathan Adler stuff yesterday):


Who: Jonathan Adler
What: Online Warehouse Sale
Where: The World Wide Web!  Visit
When: Thursday, July 17th – Tuesday, July 22nd

Here are some examples of what you might be able to snatch up if you hit the sale early enough:

Bobo Waves Pillow was $88 now $25.99
Pop Sugar Candle was $38  now $18.99
Unicorn S&P was $48 now $27.99
Lena Lamp was $595 now $356.99
Siamese Cat was $88 now $23.99

What’s on your wish list?


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Office Supplies From SeeJaneWork

I’ve been drooling over the cute offerings on the SeeJaneWork website for a while now. A few weeks ago they sent me an email advertising their sale items. I caved and wound up spending around $40 including shipping. Here’s what I wound up purchasing:

P1050334Yup, more sticky notes. I don’t have a problem – I swear!

Sticky Tab Markers from Semikolon:


Also from Semikolon, Sticky Page Markers:


4 sets of Patterned Page Flags made by Girl of All Work. 2 are vintage patterned (top), 2 are modern patterned (bottom):


A Jonathan Adler sticky note set:


Some details:

P1050345 P1050346 P1050347 P1050348

Now for the non-sticky note items. Two light green Le Pens (my favorite color):


And a set of 5 Jonathan Adler highlighters:


There are five different colors in the container: orange, blue, pink, yellow and purple:


Hopefully I can steer clear of any other office supply sales. HAhahahaha. Fat chance of that happening.

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The Ultimate Letter Opener – Tiletto

There are a large number of things that every office should have. Obviously, staples like pens, tape, sticky notes and scissors make the list, but what about a letter opener that does double – no- quadruple – duty?

I was recently introduced to the Tiletto, a letter opener that is made from grade 5 titanium that also works are a flat head screwdriver, a hex wrench, and a Phillips-head screwdriver. You read that right. See the picture below:


Because it’s titanium, you can also use it as a pry bar, in case you lost your staple remover yet again. And, its straight sides make it a handy way to draw a straight line, for those of you who don’t feel like digging through your top desk drawer looking for a ruler. (Oh wait, that’s just me.)

Why do I think this is so cool? You have no idea how many times my husband asks me where he last put one of his screwdrivers. They seem to be the tools that he loses them most. Apparently, because I keep track of seemingly everything else, he thinks I know where they are kept as well. With this I can point to my pen cup and say, “Here, use my letter opener!” Sure, he’ll look at me strangely at first, but he’ll figure it out. My point here is: it’s always good to have a multi-purpose tool on hand. The Tiletto is the letter-opener equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife, minus the toothpick, unless you like the taste of titanium.

The Tiletto comes in two different varieties, depending on whether you prefer the metric system or standard U.S. inches:

Inch-Calibrated Version: 9/16″, 1/2″, 7/16″, 5/16″, and a 1/4 inch hex-bit driver in the center.

Millimeter-Calibrated Version: 13mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, and a 1/4 inch hex-bit driver in the center.


The Tiletto is currently available on Kickstarter, where its campaign ends on April 1st. You have your choice of a inch-calibrated model, a millimeter-calibrated model, or one of each. It’s overall dimensions are 7 inches by 1 inch by 1/16th of an inch. Basically, it’s small enough to keep anywhere on your desk, but large enough so that it won’t get lost amongst your files and other paperwork.

If I still haven’t convinced you of the Tiletto’s coolness, here’s one last look:


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Color-coding my world – for organizational purposes only

When it comes to clothing, I aim for shades of black and gray. (Why? Because I’m messy!) But, when office supplies are involved, I go for everything bright. My favorite pens – the Bic Triumph 537RT for the record – has a super bright blue ink that I love. I buy those pens in bulk. I use Post-It flags in multiple colors to keep track of important points and details when I’m skimming through books for my research papers. And I use highlighters to keep track of all of my school assignments. Here’s an example:

P1010881I assigned each class a color: purple for Survey of Art History 1, Green for Historical Methods, Orange for Europe – Renaissance through the Religious Wars, and Blue for Survey of Art History 2. If I had any other deadlines or appointments to keep track of, I highlighted them in yellow.

I listed each class on each day that it met in my planner, which made it easy to keep track of not only when the classes met (although I had their times memorized after the first week), but what the homework assignments were.

I even carried the color-coding over to the monthly part of my planner, which let me know exactly how many days/weeks I had until each big paper was due or when the tests were:

P1010882Sure, setting it all up was a bit time-consuming, But it made me feel like I had everything under control.

This system can work for just about anything — office deadlines, school assignments, appointments, meetings, clients — if you can list it in a planner, then it can be color-coded. If you want to take it one step further, match your sticky notes to your chosen highlighter colors. Before you know it, your life (or parts of it anyway) will be organized and under control!

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A sneak peek…

Here are some of the goodies that I’m going to be covering within the next few days:

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Cross this one (partially) off of the “want list” – Le Pens!

My new set of Le Pens arrived yesterday! I couldn’t wait to try them out.

Here are the colors that came in the 12-pen set that I ordered:

Left column, from top to bottom: Light Blue, Pink, Lavender, Light Green, Burgundy and Oriental Blue

Right column, from top to bottom: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Brown and Teal

The set was supposed to come with Olive Green instead of Teal, but I don’t care — I actually have more uses for Teal. And I can always order Olive Green some other time. These will be mighty useful once my new Keel’s Simple Diaries arrived. I ordered volumes 1 and 2!

What’s your favorite Le Pen shade?


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10 Signs that you’re an office supply addict

1) You have more than three pen and pencil cups on your desk – and they’re all full.

2) You feel the urge to buy the latest pens on the market and justify it by saying things like, “ink technology is evolving!”

3) You have an entire drawer stuffed full of blank, unopened journals, yet still buy more.

4) Just the thought of a colored ink gel pen in a new color sends a shiver up your spine.

5) You own more Post It Notes then you’ll ever use in one lifetime — even if you start to paper your walls with them.

6) You subscribe to (and save!) every office supply catalog imaginable, and you file them by store name/date/number of things that you want.

7) Somewhere in your office is a box full of unused souvenir magnets.

8) There’s no such thing as too many blank notecards!

9) You’re constantly filling new supply storage containers and are running out of places to put them.

10) You write a blog about your addiction.


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I couldn’t stop myself… from picking up some more pens

I went to an Adult Focus information session last week at the University of Akron (yes, I’m a returning student who’s starting work on her second Bachelor’s degree in a few weeks) and couldn’t help but nab some of the pens and other goodies that they were handing out at each table. I know — I already have more pens than I’ll ever use in one lifetime, but that didn’t stop me.

Here are some of the ingenius office supplies that I wound up with:

From the top, working down: a black ink clicky pen; a cool combo made of a blue highlighter on one end/Post-It flags on the other; another combo gizmo with a pen on one end and a yellow highlighter on the other; another black ink clicky pen, a mail opener/ruler; and a magnet, courtesy of the campus security officers.

A canvas “chalkboard” bag from the school bookstore/Barnes and Noble. It’ll come in handy once school starts. I’m planning on hitting the fitness center three times a week, and this will be perfect to hold my work out stuff.

And a giant plastic cup. It came full of popcorn (something else that I can’t resist), but I’ll probably use it to hold more pens. Eventually my current pen cups will start to overflow.


This is why I avoid going to conventions — I end up with more pens!


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Oh, look – a poll! What’s your favorite highlighter color?

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Supply Showdown: Tape-style versus liquid white out

Everyone has a preference, it seems, when it comes to white out. Some people, like my husband, prefer the traditional liquid style, while others, like myself, absolutely have to have the tape kind. Maybe it’s an issue of application errors, or one of impatience to move on and get started writing again as fast as possible. Either way, the choice of white out is something that’s very personal. Here are my pros and cons of each type:

Tape-Style White Out

Pros –

It doesn’t need to dry before you can write over it (great for impatient people like myself)

It creates a smooth writing surface

Dispensers are designed to fit comfortably in the hand

Cons –

It does take a bit of skill to apply – I’ve seen some people twist the tape around and make a mess of it

A dispenser doesn’t last very long


Liquid White Out

Pros –

It does cover mistakes very effectively

You can paint your fingernails with it if you’re a bored junior high school student

One bottle lasts longer than a dispenser of tape-style white out


Cons –

It has to dry thoroughly before you can write over it

It tends to clump and dry out if the cap isn’t replaced properly

Sometimes it gets clumped around the neck of the bottle and caked on the bristles

Tiny bottle cap can be uncomfortable to hold

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